Splits® is a must-have for anyone who collaborates on music!

Seamlessly create split sheets in seconds to claim and protect your publishing ownership.

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Splits® on iPhone X

It's the first app to end the hardest part of music collaboration: Ownership!

Seamlessly create split sheets in seconds

For publishing ownership.

Splits® on iPhone 8

Track Information

Enter necessary information for the track you’ve just finished.

Audio Clip

You can optionally record a 30-second audio clip.

Contributors & Splits®

Select contacts directly from your mobile device or create new ones from within the app as collaborators and assign ownership percentages.

Generate Agreement

Once everyone accepts, Splits will then create an agreement between all parties - ensuring security and transparency for all involved. It’s as easy as that.

Level with the biggest and best musicians in the business

Available to everyone right now.

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